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Linqdatasource updating

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I can only assume that FKs are updated directly by setting the key value?

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I'm being lazy so, I want to get all the data from the Bind("xxx")ed textboxes in a collection so I can get them into the db by hand... I have a formview that is populated through a codebehind databind fv. Data Bind(); Now when in edit mode I want to get the data from the textboxes out in a collection (binded data) to process and stor... NET Data provider for Matisse 6.0, the Database for . Matisse Software has pushed the envelope of Microsoft ADO. but method should likepublic static void Update(T obj, string primarykey) here i need customer object (T) with updated value and also primarykey (which is hidden in gridview) which set in (Data Key Names="Data Object Key") of problem is how can get updatedobject and primarykeyif i set Data Object Type Name="Customer" i can get proper method Update(T obj) but is it possible to call Update(T obj, string primarykey)?Updating tables in sequence with primary key and foreign key relations Hi all, In my project i will have the data in a collection of objects, I need to update series of tables with foreign key relations Right now my code looks like this foreach(object obj in Objects){ int account Id=Account. NET architecture and extended it into a powerful Object Access Services component for . with setting Data Object Type Name and passing Update Parameters NOTE...Insert(obj.account Open Date,obj.account Name);//this will update the accounts table and returns account id which is a Identity column in Acccounts table int Debt Id=Debt.... Method of passing a cryptographic key that allows third party access to the key A method of passing a cryptographic key that allows recovery of the key by a third party by generating a first random number by a first user; generating "1 " by the first user; generating a second random number "2a " by the first user; computing "1 " by the first user; computing "2 " by the first user; computing "1 " by the first user; computing "z" by the first user; computing "s" by the first user; computing "G" by the first user; passing (G,z,1,s) from the firs...Imagine the perf hit of having to store the whole object graph in View State. Still have to wrap my head around some of this a bit less basic stuff... [EDIT: Turns out I can change properties, but just the ones that were serialized, and not the relationships!The entities build in Linq Data Source are disconnected entities you'll have to attach them to the datacontext to do get access to the foriegn key relationship properties. Now here's another question: when I've reattached the entity, modified all the relationships I want, how do I save it to the DB? ]Alternatively when I save the new entity manually to the DB, I have to cancel the update via e.Now I did not find anyway to write VB code to trap onkeypress event. But in javascript, I was not able to access my exitsting data object like connection and dataset. The table that I want to update consists of two foreign key fields. I have 3 tables: TABLE1(col1, col2, other columns...) TABLE2(col1, col2, other columns...) TABLE3(col1, col2, other columns...) (col1 col2) is the primary key for TABLE1. I would need to execute somenthing like: BEGIN TRANSACTION; UPDATE TABLE1 SET col1 = :newvalue WHERE col1 = :oldvalue; UPDATE TABLE2 SET col1 = :newvalue WHERE col1 = :oldvalue; UPDATE TABLE3 SET col1 = :newvalue WHERE col1 = :oldvalue; COMMIT TRANSACTION; Thank yo...

As in my case I need to query only from current database session as my transaction is not over yet. How would I go about retrieving the foreign key fields? Thanks Karl protected void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { chklist Detail checklist Detail API = new chklist Detail(); foreach (Data List Item item in Data List1. TABLE2 and TABLE3 have foreign keys to (col1 col2). Invoking the Updated/Updating events without a XXData Source object Is there a way to have a data control (ie. NET data provider, which returns data in a table format to integrate seamlessly with relational products, Matisse has extended the ADO.

In the event routine you loop through each FK-column of the current table and invoke the update proc.

This is necessary since I found no way to get the current column from the Event Args.

works like a charm and has the right insert-order : D Since I received a PM asking me how I solved it, I might as well post it here for future reference...

The basic idea is to handle the Updating and Inserting events of the datasource and the go from there.

Dunk ---== Posted via the PFCGuide Web Newsreader ==--- you want to update a key which is used as a FK on another table the best bet is to cascade changes (if that's an option on your database). How to access Event Handler List for the event declared as "Public Event..." in VB. Net, I am trying to raise a bubbled event from my custom web server control.