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The capital city of Tehran is a surprisingly modern city with many museums, palaces and bazaars.

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Ancient ruins litter the desert around Shiraz including Pasargadae, the capital of Ancient Persia.A chat for Iranians and Persians everywhere – Public, friendly place for chat with those interested in Iran, Persian culture, Persian languag.Iran Online Chat is the longest running Iranian chat service on the Internet!Yet, most typically used Iranian chat rooms don’t seem to be qualified and users could not find what they need on a chat room.Iranian chat is changing into a new common system and there’s a desire for Farsi chat on the web.Iran Online reserves the right to refuse any or all of its services to anybody without any problem.

شما می توانید به آسانی و بدون نیاز پرداخت هزینه طراحی , کد نویسی و سرور تنها با قرار دادن چند خط کد داری یک چت روم ویژه باشید.

But while Paris's exploits propelled her to worldwide stardom, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi faces ruin, a public lashing and even a jail term.

Ebrahimi is one of the best-known actresses in the strict Islamic country and made the 20-minute sex tape privately with her boyfriend on a camcorder at the flat they shared two years ago.

Best Iranian Chat rooms Nowadays many people from the neighbor countries goes to Iran to do business with Iranians and chat rooms could be one the communications way for people from other countries to get know Iranian people better in order to be able help them with their needs and doing business in Iran.

Voice chat is also very popular among Iranian and sometime Persian people use it as a means of using cellphones and the ones who have access to high speed internet also Video chat in Irani chat rooms.

Unbeknown to her, it was posted on the internet and widely released as a DVD - angering millions in Iran.