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Water is not connected yet and plumbing fixtures are not installed still.

There is no customer service at all, once they get your money they really could give a shit less about you or when you move in.They said they are waiting to hear from the main office which is in Angeles City, ok fine give them a call, send a fax, get on line and get us out shit. But as I said Fiesta community doesnt give a shit about you once you sign the paperwork and they start to get your money.For the first 2 weeks I caught something that had me coughing really hard all the time, I had the last thing last year too and after some meds from doctor it finally when a way in a few days.Well here it is another year starts and like many others I hope this year will be better than last one.I cant really complain about 2015 to much since my only real headache has been the process we had to go though on the house we are getting.I get the feeling some of the key workers at the site have some kind of scam going or getting things done inside the house the new owners.

Like we get a text from one guy who tells us that we can get screens up in for 14,500peso and the company already has the measurements for the house, well how in the hell did this company get that since hardly anyone has moved in yet?

Maybe I am just luck but either way I like the place.

Another month gone and Im still in the same house that I have been renting.

I got something and it had me coughing with a runny nose which I had for about a week, the cough lasted 2 week and I had to go to the doctors to get meds to get rid it a last.

Some people dont like the hospital here in Barrio Barretto called Loudous but every time I have gone there they were great and I had no problems with the staff, test done or cost.

The hospital here in Barrio Barretto I like unlike others in the area that dont have a lot of good things to say about the place.