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A city where no jobs for educated youth, no safety for an ordinary citizen in the house or on roads and where bread is expensive than a bullet how can you expect peace and harmony in there and how can targeted operations and raids can resolve the problems.

However, the issue here is that one has to look the solution putting all political affiliation aside and think patriotically and justice.This corrupt system and its management contain prejudiced, racists and incompetent officers who are the product of corrupt politicized system not only in Karachi but in across Sindh and this Quota System played a vital role beside other elements of an unjust system.How come these major key political parties, PPP, PML (N), MQM and ANP who have been playing blame game on each other until few months back and now singing a chorus of bringing peace in Karachi?The seeds of this system were sown by the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s PPP government through the implementation of Quota System in the government jobs and higher/ professional educational institutes dividing Sindh on linguistic demographic on the name of providing opportunities to the people of rural areas.Karachi’s problem is an administration failure due to corrupt and incompetent officers working almost in every government departments including judiciary and police.Today, many volatile areas in the outskirts of Karachi are populated with criminals and gangsters, they are involved in most of the illegal businesses and they are providing shelters to terrorists groups in exchange of heavy money, this money goes from bottom to top figures in various government departments.

If these criminals and other terrorists’ groups are in action in those areas with the local gangsters & killers then how come the law enforcement agencies were unable to control them, the answer is simple that majority of them are part of the problem not part of the solution.

That is why; these targeted and clean-up operations have failed in the past and will fail again and again until the entire system is purified from corruption and unjust means.

But the most danger scenario now is that these gangsters have deeply established links with the powerful political and their militant wings and the chances are that if rangers attack them they will repulse badly and that may lead to a gorilla-war type situation in those areas which perhaps may be the ultimate plan of the elements behinds these gangsters in Karachi.

2) All the entrance to the city of Karachi must have police check-points equipped with latest monitoring system and operated by Karachi Security Police and that should be a part of KPA.

Every non-citizen of Karachi entering Karachi must be registered in KPA system.

Do these people ever feel any guilt on what they say and what they do?