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I was often experimenting naked because there was water going everywhere and the easy thing to do was” not unnecessarily drench his clothes. It had never been seen; it is non-luminous, hence its name.

And it is an awful lot of matter — perhaps nine-tenths or more of all matter, scientists theorize. — A rare combination of curiosity, passion and patience underlies astrophysicist Rick Gaitskell’s 28-year quest to find dark matter, the most elusive yet most abundant thing in the universe.“It started with the usual ones, like you try to do chemistry and you focus an awful lot on trying to blow things up,” says Gaitskell, who grew up in England.Which is what so terribly excited Gaitskell and others.“To say that we don’t know what 90-plus percent of the universe is made of is a hell of an admission,” Gaitskell says.Further sights in the surroundings of Olomouc include Castle Bouzov, Castle Helfštýn where artistic blacksmiths gather each year during the festival Hefaiston, Chateau Náměsť na Hané displaying, among others, coaches of the Olomouc bishops and archbishops, Castle Šternberk, and also Castle and Gardens at Kroměříž, 40 km away from Olomouc, incorporated in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998.

Our hotel provides for visits of the above monuments but we are also always ready to give advice and organize your program to suit every age group.

On June 1, 2006 the Archdiocesan Museum was inaugurated, presenting, for the first time, the selection of the best exhibits of ancient Fine Arts created within Moravia throughout the centuries.

Besides one of the best Central-European collections of ancient paintings, the Archdiocesan Museum displays also outstanding examples of Gothic and Baroque statuary as well as other examples of diverse exhibits from tiny ivory statues to the famous coach of Bishop Troyer, liturgical objects and chasubles.

The city used to be fortified in the Middle-Ages and the remnants of the walls, dating back to the 12th century, can be found in the south part.

The historic city centre is surrounded by parks, dividing the historical town reserve from the modern buildings and creating a unique urban complex.

As to the present time, Olomouc has been the seat of the regional administration since 2000.