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Others are the dietary changes and exercise programs that lead to lowered cholesterol.

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When London-based couple Karen Edwards and Shaun Bayes told their friends that they planned to travel the world with their newborn baby, Esmé, while Edwards was on maternity leave, everyone thought they were nuts.Its rise in blood level is secondary to sexual arousal.The reduction in the plasma testosterone level, which may be found in chronically impotent men, probably reflects sexual apathy rather than causes it.In most cases the root cause for this is very psychological.However, it is imperative to first check on all the pathological / physical causes.While social structures in India are quite strict on this, the study of sex - from both its physical and psychological perspectives - has been practiced here from ancient times.

Unlike in the west, where this is a fairly recent phenomenon and they are yet to find the proper line of distinction between sex in general and pornography in particular.

The ancient Ayurvedic text of Charaka Samhita provided complete sexual solutions over 3000 years ago And the time-frozen, stone-carved, erotic sculptures in the temples at Khajuraho and Konarak leave millions of visitors utterly awe-struck by their sheer beauty, elegance and variety.

An undying testimony to how intrinsic sex was to the daily lives of people in ancient India.

After treating them, the patients' self-confidence needs to be restored too.

Herbal Remedy In the west there was some initial therapeutic enthusiasm over use of testosterone in impotence. According to an article in The British Medical Journal testosterone is quite ineffective when impotence is the sole symptom and testosterone levels per se are largely irrelevant.

» More Facts According To Sex Surveys: » Adults have sex 57 times a year, or about once a week. Then again, "Coffee users may be more liberal in their sexual behavior." Then again, maybe they just can't fall asleep.