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Today, I tend to restrict my sexual activity to mature adults, I don’t play those kinds of games, and “no” means we split the tab and I’m not calling her back for a second date.

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I might even get slapped on occasion, but hey, thems the breaks, kid.Believe me when I tell you, better men than I have already gone to prison for less, and the standards are perpetually shifting toward rape being the default condition of all sexual encounters.This is not an act of incompetence by the California legislature, this is the feminist influence on governments doing exactly what feminists always wanted it to do. Women cannot consent to sex because they are being oppressed by men.The standard would apply to all sexual encounters regardless of whether the parties are having a one-night stand or are in a long-term relationship. Clearly an unconscious person cannot make an agreement, there is no such thing as “involuntary agreement,” and affirmative simply means agreement.Any reasonable person understands that a sexual encounter can be cut short at any time by any person involved in it.The problem: the default legal assumption in rape cases is that consent was given.

It’s up to the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn’t.

She said, “Perhaps the wrong of rape has proven so difficult to articulate because the unquestionable starting point has been that rape is definable as distinct from intercourse, when for women it is difficult to distinguish them under conditions of male dominance.” My regular readers will recall my response to Laci Green’s “Consent 101.” Green is a feminist You Tube personality who is paid to speak on college campuses about sex.

Green says it is sexual assault to try to kiss a woman without verbally asking her in advance, it is rape to have sex with a conscious woman who has been drinking, and that “masculinity” was the cause of Elliot Rodger’s shooting spree in California.

You try, you fail, and you try again—that’s how the game was played. I try to read a woman’s signals to determine if my advances will be welcomed, and then I advance.

I’ve gotten quite good at this, and I honestly cannot recall the last time one of those advances was turned down.

Sex is rape when the woman tells authorities it is rape, even if she never mentions it to the person she’s accusing of rape.