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Misha collins dating

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Neither knew when their friendship blossomed into a deeper form of endearment.

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Twitter users retweeted the update more than 13,000 times and favorited it over 24,000 times in less than five hours. ,” Collins, who plays Castiel the angel on the show, wrote on Twitter.In a world where finding your soulmate has become almost common, Misha and Jensen grow up together, both of them wishing with all of their hearts that the other was their soulmate.As the years go by and neither of them end up finding their soulmate, Jensen wonders if he’ll ever meet his, and Misha wonders when Jensen is going to get a clue.What makes it beautiful, is when they inevitably fall back together.-or- "The almost-but-not-quite Cockles breakup with a happy ending" Mint tudjuk, március elsején volt a mi drága Jensenünk születésnapja.*elakadt...*Manómon kívül hálás vagyok az én kedves barátnőmnek, Lory Bradburrynek, hogy elvállalta a bétázást :* Nagyon köszönöm, csajszi "What would you do if you woke up in the Supernatural world? Little did the actor know, but a few weeks later he would actually be finding out the real answer to that question.

Because when Metatron tosses Castiel out of Heaven at the beginning of season 9 -- he tosses him right into Misha's universe.

It's Jensen Ackles 39th birthday and he's drunkenly awaiting for his brunette angel to wish him a happy birthday.

When Misha suddenly posts to his Twitter a Happy birthday to everyone but him and then suddenly shows up at his house he's surprised.

It's easy to fall apart with the weight of expectations, and new things happening in your life.

It can happen to the best of people, at the strangest of times.

Now Misha is stuck in the Supernatural world, looking at his husband's face but a different man.