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Most intimidating woman

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Women with strong personalities can be affirming to their leaders, causing them to delight in the joys of having someone who believes in them and supports them with great passion.When those times arise that women with strong personalities are called upon to submit to decisions with which they don’t agree, their same powerful personalities can cause terror in others.

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What they want us to understand is the impact of the arrogance and lack of appreciation for others that often characterizes women with strong personalities. One practical way to mortify pride is to cultivate gratitude for the contributions and gifts of others.Even for several years as a Christian, I maintained a similar view.But then I had a few key conversations and the light started to dawn. ), I realized intimidation has nothing to do with successful performance but everything to do with attitude.The young woman in the back of the room raised her hand during a Q&A session at the end of the talk I had just given.With a tinge of bitterness, she asked, “When men say that a woman is intimidating, what are they really saying? ” The sea of heads swiveled from back to front to look at me.redeem the time by becoming an observer of people and the world.

Beginning with ourselves, we can learn to become a student of others.

Such a woman makes them wary.” Not everyone understands this phrase in the same way.

Feminists have generally interpreted this to mean that a successful woman is intimidating to men.

We both cringe when we consider how we related with people when we were in our twenties. We were blind on how much our drivenness communicated that we believed others lacked passion and importance simply because they did not strive to accomplish as many goals or objectives as we did.

Ironically, that same drivenness came from a desire to succeed and to bless the people around us.

It has more to do with an unyielding and judging spirit than competence.