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My public room camzap

Whether it's: - Chatting with people they think are new 'friends', but who could actually intend to do them harm.

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You can find out more about mainstream social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, here.I’m planning on dropping a monthly “Around The Shop” post because it isn’t often our client gets the opportunity to see the back end of the big show.More or less it’s where the magic happens, not that the front office isn’t important, but that’s only the first step of the process, and usually the only step that most people get to witness…well, along with picking up the final product which again puts you right back in the front office.- Revealing personal or private information about themselves, friends or family.Or arranging to meet in person someone they've met online, when that person isn't who they said they were. Do you know how they work, what your children and the people they 'meet' on them can say or do on them?

More to the point, are you aware of the potential dangers of kids using these various sites?

Shots of Me (or just Shots) An app that enables users to take and post selfies, hence using only the front-view camera of their mobile phone.

Shots has been subject to widespread concern about its use to send inappropriate photos and possibly resulting cyberbullying and blackmail.

On, anonymous users ask other users questions.

This means that they can easily hide their identity and effectively, say what they like without any consequences.

The site is being heavily criticised for making it easy for children to be stalked or groomed.