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Seven studies and 1,600 interviews later, the results led to the creation of a book, a website and a weekly radio talk show devoted to helping single seniors cope—all titled to find someone to be friends with.And nearly 4 in 10 had a strong urge to be “coupled” again.So what does that mean for people who face dating for the first time in decades? Seniors are becoming increasingly active in online dating.But is it possible to have too much of a good thing?Yes—if your 401(k) is your only type of retirement savings account.When his wife passed away a few years ago, Harold (Hal) Spielman found himself—at age 81—living alone for the first time in his life.

“I had trouble coping with my situation, and I could find very little information to guide me,” he said.

Seniors worry about how to tell the kids they’re dating.

On his website and radio show, Spielman says one of the most frequent questions he’s asked is “How do I tell my kids I’m dating?

So Spielman took matters into his own hands, turning to what he knew best.

“I’d been in the market research business for 50 years, so I approached the situation the same way I would if I was working on a project for a large corporation,” he said.

Here’s how they responded: 52 percent of women said it was important; 76 percent of men said it was important.