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Oliver nejad dating

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Whether it’s Steve Zolotow recounting the time when he was arrested in Canada on suspicion of diamond smuggling, Howard Lederer talking about the horrendous slow-roll he was handed on his first hand of poker he ever played in Las Vegas, or simply Phil Hellmuth and Shawn Sheikhan jawing at each other, it all makes for great television.

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Over the first two weeks of the show, Nejad’s commentary was borderline insufferable.He has proved that he knows what hes talking about with numerous appearances online at Full Tilt Poker and in local Los Angeles card rooms..Nejad also entered the 2005 World Series of Poker and cashed in the $2,500 No-Limit Hold em Event.He was in middle of talks with the company to host the pilot of TRL. He made money from all varieties of the game: online, dealer, prop player, low limit player and high limit player.Despite his success, in 2002 he got back into television hosting an MTV pilot that eventually failed to materialise in to anything greater.He seemed to have the need to make sarcastic remarks about everything anyone said at the table.

To his and the show’s credit, however, from the third week on, Nejad toned things down and has actually been quite funny at times.

Instead he turned to poker and spent his time in casinos slowly building up a bankroll.

At the time of his girlfriends death he stopped working for NBC and he cut off his links with MTV.

The sixth show of the week is the “Director’s Cut,” basically a highlight reel with player commentary.

Unlike other poker shows, the announcer, Oliver Nejad, interjects very infrequently.

The structure of the tournament lends itself to quality poker, as each player starts with 20,000 chips and the slowly escalating blinds start at 100/200.