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Out of college dating

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No matter what your class standing is, college is still the perfect time to begin your dating journey.

All that time you spend frowning could turn away potential interest from someone who might actually genuinely like you.I totally understand that “going for it” may be difficult to actually accomplish. Whenever you walk by someone or walk into a class and have someone you might like or finding attractive, be sure to always say either hello, hi, or hey.But with these tips below, you can navigate your way through the exciting journey of dating while in college. The Three “H’s” When it comes to meeting new people on campus, you want to always make sure that you use one of the “three H’s” when crossing by someone’s path. It may not seem like much, but after a while that person will get used to you greeting them, and overtime (depending how shy you are,) you can easily strike up conversation in hopes of getting to know the person together. Misery Doesn’t Love Company My mom always used to tell me the importance of smiling, and over the years in college I’ve learned that you better smile your butt off.You are reaching legal drinking age, and even those who don’t will have plenty of access.They will meet all kinds of people in their early twenties who are probably wanting to have a memorable and exciting college experience.Not only should your attitude be about having fun, but you should also go on fun dates.

Bowling, skating, outdoor activities, art shows, arcades, concerts, parties, new restaurants, and even a good old-fashioned movie are just a few dates that bring forth an element of fun.

Nobody wants to be around someone who always looks miserable & unhappy to simply breathe, so cheer up, smile, and invite the world into your aura with a simple grin.

Of course you don’t want to be showing off a cheesy smile showing all your teeth(that’s just creepy after a while,) but there is nothing wrong with a slight grin to brighten the room. The Importance of Bagels, Deli’s, Ice Cream, & Coffee So once you’ve sparked up conversation with someone who has caught your eye, you may be freaking out trying to figure out a way to ask them out.

When you’re in college you don’t have to try to ask someone out to dinner right off the back.

To eliminate the pressure, simply ask them to grab a bite to eat at the campus deli or perhaps study sometime and have some coffee.

Along with the amazing freedom to enjoy yourself in college, you’ll have added responsibilities.