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Paul walker who is he dating

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They had been living together at the time of his death, and Jasmine had been close with his 15-year-old teen daughter, Meadow.

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Walker's close friend, Jim Torp, said Pilchard-Gosnell collapsed upon hearing the news, but pulled herself together to help Meadow. Paul's girlfriend then took Meadow and drove her home. "I went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with him.Though absent, you are ever near, still missed, still I will always love you.Rest in peace love.” Paul Walker’s Daughter, Meadow, Shares Touching Facebook Photo With Her Late Dad “Maybe one day she’ll be ready to talk about Paul, but she’s not there yet,” her father added.Jasmine was only 16 when she met handsome Walker - who was 33 at the time.Their passionate love affair lasted seven years and at the time of Paul’s death they were living together in Los Angeles where Jasmine happily took on the role of step-mom to Paul’s daughter, Meadow, now 15, and, reportedly, the sole heir to her father’s estimated $16 million estate.Paul Walker was in love with Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. The untimely passing of Paul Walker at age 40 in a car crash this past weekend sent the world reeling. "I believe she is the one who told Meadow about what happened, and when she found out she was hysterical and crying," Torp said. They had their ups and downs but they were together and looking to spend a bright future together ... Her mother is with her and she is comforting her."Our thoughts remain with Pilchard-Gosnell and Walker's loved ones during this tragic, unimaginably difficult time.

The low-key actor kept his private life private, and now his longtime girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, 23, has been thrust into the spotlight in the worst possible way. Click here to donate to Paul Walker's charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

“You have to understand that she is still terribly wounded by Paul’s death and will be for a long time.” The blonde has yet to publicly talk about Paul’s death from a car accident in Santa Clarita, Calif., last November.

On her Facebook page, it reads, “Every day, in some small way, memories of you come our way.

Paul Walker‘s girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell was visibly broken up when visiting Paul’s family.

This is the first time we’ve seen his girlfriend of seven years since Paul died in a tragic car accident on Nov. Jasmine, 23, is definitely leaning on her close friends and family as well as Paul’s loved ones during this tough time.

“When I told her what happened she fell, she collapsed.” Jasmine may have had one of the hardest tasks of all — telling Meadow Walker, Paul’s daughter, 15. Paul’s girlfriend then took Meadow and drove her home. Our thoughts go out to Meadow, Jasmine and all of Paul’s family and friends.