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The hottest new titles, especially in e Sports, tend to get their start on PC, and PC has no shortage of availability of classic games, like the original Half-Life, games that changed the industry for good.Another popular misconception is that PC games are only good for using mouse and keyboard.

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There are various solutions available for navigating a desktop environment from the comfort of your couch should you want to. There’s plenty of competition in online storefronts on PC.Now, when you think “exclusives,” you probably think of Mario, right?It’s true that PC gaming does not have the latest first party titles from console manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own great exclusives.While it’s true that mouse and keyboard is the most dominant input method on PC games, especially for strategy titles and first-person shooters, games that greatly benefit from the control scheme, mouse and keyboard is far from the only supported control method on the PC platform.In fact, this might surprise you, but just about every gamepad you can think of is supported on PC.Xbox 360 and One controllers are supported right out of the box, with most PC titles released in the past decade supporting them.

Other gamepads, such as a Play Station 3 pad or a Game Cube controller, can be made to work with a PC, too, as long as you’re willing to install the necessary drivers and buy the necessary USB adapters for the pads.

PC hardware was much more expensive back then, and the online storefronts that are so prevalent today weren’t around to keep the price of PC games significantly lower than their console brethren. Exclusives are plentiful on the PC platform, though they always have been.

In the past decade, the PC’s weakness in controller support and hardware pricing have been alleviated, and with the rise of in-home streaming solutions and home theater PCs, PC gaming is finally making meaningful strides toward the couch, a domain previously dominated by the console.

Of course, it's possible that Blizzard could use its time to talk about We said it last year, and we'll say it again: PC gaming deserves better.

What makes the press conferences from the big publishers like Microsoft and Sony such compelling viewing is that they have real, substantive announcements to make.

Any way you slice it, the PC Gamer-powered, AMD-sponsored event was kind of a disaster. This year's show will have the same host — the likable Sean "Day9" Plott — and the same late-night-talk-show format.