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Post-surgery, you’ll likely feel like you don’t have the time and energy that you normally do.

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The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 guarantees insurance coverage for breast reconstruction surgery. To get some insight into this very complex and deeply personal decision Lauren Grabowski is a 3rd year human biology and society major with a double minor in public health and education, making her an ideal student ambassador for the UCLA chapter of Check Your Boobies.Allison and her tattoo to transcend breast cancer were featured in the December 2012 issue of When Allison W. Read More Through WIF, I was invited to an amazing screening this past week.Gryphon was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she would have to adjust to major lifestyle changes – but compromising her style was not up for question. It was for the film “What The [email protected]#- Is Cancer And Why Does Everyone Have It? Immediately, I was interested in attending the event.For breast cancer patient Allison Gryphon, the task was disheartening and frustrating. Then she corralled her friends in Hollywood together to make a movie about her battle, “What the [email protected]#- Is Cancer And Why Does Everybody Have It?As she recounted to NBC4 News, “I basically had a breakdown in the store because I had this new body.” Read More Allison W. ” Watch Segment When novelist and filmmaker Allison Gryphon was diagnosed with breast cancer, friends kept telling her the same thing — that she was brave.In the beginning, she attended classes for what they gave her physically and emotionally.

Then, at the age of 38, Allison was diagnosed with stage 3a breast cancer. Medical professionals, cancer survivors, relatives of cancer fighters attempt to define in just one word the one thing, that for once in my life, left me speechless.

It’s a compliment that is meaningful and significant to her, but as Gryphon explained on Huff Post Live, at times it could be crushing to hear. I realize the topic of breast cancer month can bring out some fierce emotions so the first thing I want to say is, what I’m writing here is not about stirring the pot or getting up on my soap box.

Watch Segment “Author, Filmmaker, Breast Cancer Fighter.” Written by Marisa Kakoulas with Photographs by Lauren Miyake. I really just strive to encourage all of us, myself included, to look more closely at the individual cancer fighters that breast cancer month fights for and remember that for those fighters, the medical staff, the friends, family and caregivers, every month is breast cancer month. Sure, we have a general idea of what cancer is, but I don’t know a single person who doesn’t know someone who has suffered with it, is dealing with it or has passed from it — or who has themselves been diagnosed.

Read More As a screenwriter and producer, Allison Gryphon’s first instinct after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 was to watch a movie that would provide an accessible account of the disease.

When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to create it herself. ” For patients undergoing cancer treatment, finding clothing that is functional yet fashionable can be difficult at times.

Two Southern California women — a breast cancer survivor and a fashion designer — joined forces to create a shirt that meets both fashion and medical needs of women in the fight against breast cancer.