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Perancangan sex untuk mama

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Symptomatic pelvic inflammatory disease is frequently treated with antibiotics without removing the IUD until the patient becomes symptom free, then a new IUD should be inserted under aseptic technique.5. PREGNANCY ON TOP OF IUCD This occurs if the IUCD is not in its proper place in the endometrial cavity (slightly low or tilted) so an intra uterine pregnancy may ensue.

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Surgery under local or general anesthesia may be required to remove an impalpable Implanon implant, especially if it is broken, damaged, has migrated, or is deeply embedded in scar tissue or fibrosis. They diminish sperm transport through the cervix to the oviduct by increasing the thickness of the cervical mucous (this happens with the hormonal IUCD).4.Expulsion is commoner in the first 3 months of use so every woman should be examined frequently and should be taught to feel the thread of the IUD vaginally frequently.4. PELVIC INFECTIONThis is caused by bacteria carried into the uterus during the procedure. Kali ni entry ni hanya sesuai dibaca oleh WANITA YANG TELAH BERKAHWIN... kali ini sadi nak share info berkenaan dengan pencegah kehamilan antara IMPLANON dan IUCD IMPLANONImplanon, made by Organon International, is a single-rod contraceptive subdermal implant that is inserted just under the skin of a woman's upper arm. Sadi rasa ramai wanita zaman sekarang ni yang ingin merancangan kehamilan... pelbagai kaedah untuk mencegah kehamilan boleh diambil...It is not known whether Implanon changes a woman's risk for breast cancer. Most cases of failure were due to incorrect insertion or insertion during pregnancy.

In comparison, surgical sterilization has a failure rate of 0.2%.

IUCD (Intra uterine contraceptive devices)Types of IUCD1. Steroid releasing devices induce progestational changes that result in endometrial gland atrophy& Inhibit further development of the ova.

TIME OF INSERTIONThe optimal time for insertion of IUCD is during the menstrual cycle at any day of the week following menstruation which indicates that the woman is not pregnant.

menstrual cycles become prolonged and heavier (menorrhagia) and also may cause dysmenorrhea. Undiagnosed uterine bleeding Appropriate Candidates for Intrauterine Contraception Women of any reproductive age seeking long-term, highly effective contraceptive CONCLUSIONThe benefit of IUCD use surpasses its risks and these are the risks of unwanted pregnancy.

In contrast levenorgestril releasing IUDs decrease the monthly blood loss.2. IUCDs are highly recommended for most women seeking contraception in developing countries because it has the highest continuation rate and the lowest cost…….

In menopausal women IUD should be left in situ for one year after the last menstrual cycle.