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Podcast not updating on iphone

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Why, then, does podcast syncing simply I feel like I must be doing something wrong or am missing a setting somewhere, because if not, I can't believe that podcast syncing is this unreliable.

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Short of completely uninstalling i Tunes on the Mac Book and the Podcast app on the phone, then reinstalling and starting from scratch, is there any way to get the app to behave the way I tell it to via its settings for sync and save?We'll answer several questions here each week, and of course, you can always get help with more immediate concerns from the i Lounge Discussion Forums.Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask i Lounge Submit Form. Obviously the company was paying attention, because 33 short months later, things are looking up.The new, i OS 9 version of Apple Podcasts boasts a fairly substantial redesign and some much-needed new features. Let's start with the aforementioned Unplayed tab, which assembles a playlist of all the unplayed episodes from your favorite (that is, subscribed) podcasts.I've tried turning syncing on and off, signing in and out of i Cloud, etc.

Podcast syncing simply has never worked for as long as I've been using the Podcasts app (going back to i OS 6).

It seems the point of moving podcasts to a dedicated i OS app was simply to banish the irredeemably buggy podcast code from the otherwise well functioning Music app code.

I still have the exact same problems with i OS 7.1 and the Podcasts app.) You're not doing anything wrong, the stuff just doesn't work. There are other third-party podcast players for i OS, but AFAIK Instacast is the only popular one that also plays on Macs and syncs between i OS and Macs.

I'm signed into the same i Cloud account on both my Mac and i Phone.

Podcast syncing is enabled in i Tunes, and the "Sync Subscriptions" setting is turned on in the settings for the Podcasts app on my i Phone.

If this doesn’t solve the problem by itself, it may still be necessary to either toggle auto-downloading off and back on within the affected podcast subscription(s) or remove them from the app entirely and resubscribe.