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Policies on workplace dating

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“In the beginning, we were pretty casual and had few rules about what employees did,” he says.

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You should also allow for a small amount of unscheduled sick days to allow for employee illness. If you intend on banning smoking in the workplace, be sure to post signs throughout the building reminding employees that there is no smoking.Business formal can be defined as business suits for males and females.According to the online business resource All Business, sexual harassment includes making unwanted sexual advances, making sexually explicit comments, using sexually explicit language or requesting sexual favors in return for a raise or promotion.“We chose the strictest possible policy because of the nature of the work,” Hawkins says.Employees are often left working alone in the evening without supervision, and the leadership simply did not want to have to deal with that situation again. According to Career Builder’s 2012 annual office romance survey, 38 percent of respondents have dated a co-worker at least once in their career, and one-third of them ended up married.

“That’s a pretty good endorsement for office relationships,” says Ryan Hunt, senior career adviser for Career Builder in Chicago.

As an example, the Texas Workforce Commission recommends that employees show up five minutes prior to their shift to get prepared to work when their shift begins.

To avoid paying overtime, make it a policy that all employees must leave work when their shift ends unless they have written permission to work overtime.

Define what your company considers business casual, business formal and appropriate casual dress; be sure to outline attire for women and men.

Business casual could be a collared shirt and khaki pants for men, and a button-up blouse and casual slacks for women.

Though the business had no formal dating policy, the two kept their relationship under wraps for a year as Hutchins moved up the corporate ladder.