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Pothiya na sex

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With some urging from my sister's Mallu friends a.k.a die-hard fans of Mammooty to watch this movie, my curiosity was piqued a few minutes into the movie itself.

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He is shown as a very light-hearted person, who has good sense of humour.Kani is also a news anchor, who lived in the same complex as that of Vasuki and Louis. Sadiq is shown as a teacher, who is being awarded for his good teachings to the students, but is he able to give the same upbringing to his child?Role of SN Swamy is pivotal to the plot, let me not reveal it.Chintha keeps on asking Louis in regard to why and how her mother changed.Chintha introduces Louis to the audience, according to her, he is a cool celebrity and just opposite to Vasuki.He does not take up cases just for the sake of money. He keeps the suspense element alive till the last moment. Rest of the cast has also done justice to their respective characters.

He is constantly shown to be dealing with various clients which again and again reiterate his thoughts about marriage. The background score of the film by Gopi Sunder is absolutely perfect as per the tone of the film.

What actually happened which changed her life forever? Puthiya Niyamam (പുതിയ നിയമം) is a must-watch film, talks about the social evils of our society, and how social evils can turn somebody's life completely topsy turvy.

Watch it for the way the story is dealt and also for terrific performances of Nayanthara and Mammootty.

I had no expectations before watching this movie since it had a family plot. The script is well written and the direction is highly appreciable.

By the end of the movie, no questions will remain in a viewer's mind. Malayalam film is improving it's standard year by year. This is the movie which proves how a suspense thriller is meant to be.

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