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This was surprising to me since I am a grown man who has never bought into the culture of anonymous webcasts.

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I created an account just so I could send him a message.As things in the online world go, I came to Chaturbate late.The site has been around for over a year in which time it has taken the sex-based web by storm. Anyone can watch for free - even without so much as a signup.“We decided to just have fun on camera, doing exactly what we wanted to do,” she explains.“This means we gave away a lot for free our first night, making only $8 (£6) the whole night.” Rebecca drew in an audience of 380 people, but she thinks the top ‘cammers’ earn thousands of pounds a night.Rebecca believes there’s something liberating about getting naked on camera and after doing it once, was keen to do it again: “We walked away more in love with each other for going on this adventure together, with the confidence of compliments from the strangers watching us, and the thrill of being exhibitionists that made us go back for more the next night.

And then the next night.” And with more people speaking out, it's a trend that seems only likely to grow.

As this performer went about his business, users commented in glowing terms on his talent: "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen"; "Show me your ass, bubble boy"; "Come to me - Daddy will make you happy".

The performer smiled through the lavish praise, as he juggled typing with one hand and using the other hand for his business.

When I checked back a few hours later, he was still on the site and he had still not come.

Another performer whom I clicked on sat in a dark room with only the glow from the computer screen brightening his face.

Chaturbate is one of the most popular webcam sites on the internet, and since its launch in 2011 has had a 3,200% increase in interest from users around the world.