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Process consolidating memories

To be able to see beyond horizons means that one is now endowed with heavenly light and power to foresee and foretell.That power comes from God, Whom we Abe Nguni call UMvelingqangi. In ancient Egypt, Thoth Hermes was the father of ‘Umsamo’, for all knowledge that came from God was first transmitted to him, and then he would disseminate it to the entire world.

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They believed that the formation of the k A is deeply connected to the shaping, experience and remnants of the physical form.What he meant here was that Heaven and Earth are equal, because if they are not equal, there will be no equilibrium; there will be no perpetual unity between the two spheres of life.In this context, ancestors are just like us; except that they would a more advanced and enlightened life than us.Without some means of understanding how we acquire knowledge, how we rely upon our senses, and how we develop concepts in our minds, we have no coherent path for our thinking.A sound epistemology is necessary for the existence of sound thinking and reasoning — this is why so much philosophical literature can involve seemingly arcane discussions about the nature of knowledge.The ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, by law, had to use most of Hermes’ divine books.

All ancient Egyptian learning centres had to use one of Hermes’ books, for he was the only source of ‘Umsamo’.

One might say ‘umsamo’ is an African Metaphysics, if wanting to give it a philosophical explanation.

Also one may look at ‘Umsamo’ at both Epistemological and Ontological level.

‘UMSAMO’ An African Universal Wisdom, Spirit and Knowledge Defining Umsamo ‘Umsamo’ is an Nguni term meaning a place in an Nguni hut where it is intrinsically believed that the ancestral spirits Ithongo or Amadlozi or Abaphansi or Izinyanya are seated.

These words in our African settings are used interchangeably.

The k A includes all of the genetic material and characteristics of our parents and ancestors.