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Professors dating students in college

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Slightly over 4,500 cadets attend the school, which has a student faculty ratio of seven to one.West Point was the 24th ranked national liberal arts school by US News this year.

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The study was conducted by economist Anne Boring from Universite Paris-Dauphine in Paris and Kellie Ottoboni and Philip Stark from the University of California, Berkeley . The first test analyzed French students who were randomly assigned to either male or female instructors in a range of required courses.While many school rankings include “academic rigor” as a way to determine the quality of scholarship at a given institution, this can fall short, and ignore a number of important factors.Factors like the ability of students to actually access professors, the extent to which the school enables collaboration between students and faculty, and if students rank professors positively or not.There have been numerous professors of great fame at Bryn Mawr, and the institution itself has been progressive in organizing its academic programs, being the first institute of higher education to award doctorates in social work, as well as to award graduate and doctorate degrees to women.The oldest University in America is also the first large research institution on our list, with 7,200 undergraduates.Harvard is the #7 ranked overall university by Forbes and the #2 ranked national university by US News this year.

Stanford is the fourth ranked national university on US News and World Report and the 2nd ranked overall college according to Forbes.

This year Amherst was ranked the second best liberal arts school in the nation by US News and World Report, and the 10th ranked liberal arts school by Forbes.

The college is known for an unusually open curriculum, allowing freshman to take advanced courses and seniors to take introductory courses if they should choose.

Most graduates leave the academy commissioned as second lieutenants in the Army, though graduates may choose to be commissioned in another branch of the armed forces if wanted.

Teaching styles at West Point follow the Thayer system, which focuses on daily homework, brought to class and collaboratively discussed.

They worked together to run a series of statistical tests on French and U. The study found that male students rated their male teachers higher across the board.