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Puducherry girls numbers sharing website

But the two main issues raised by many are the poor financial status of the state and increasing rowdyism.As of 2015, the Puducherry government had a net debt of Rs.

Stunned by the sudden commotion, the CM N Rangaswamy himself rushed out of his office room to find out what had happened.And the worst affected from this seem to be the businessmen. People are being murdered in broad daylight, and these rowdies are not being booked.They are having an easy run,” says S Babu, President of All Pondicherry Plastic Traders and Manufacturers Association.One would expect any CM in India to either laugh, and walk back into the office, or fire the security officer for the breach. NR sat the girl down and explained to her that this was a democracy, and that she needed to go to the people and canvass for votes to win and occupy the CM’s seat.Soon enough, NR’s aides intervened and the girl was escorted out.The planning commission too has pointed out the low collection of dues in the power sector, “The collection efficiency is low due to non-payment of dues by Government Departments and bulk consumers, mainly industries.” If tax evasion is said to be increasing, so are allegations of the CM not knowing what to do.

“We are dependent on the Union government for our funds.

What this says about the three-time Chief Minister depends on who are you are talking to.

For some he is the benevolent, people-loving CM who does his best given the limitations of governing a Union Territory.

The girl had one demand: she wanted to become the Chief Minister.

“How long will you be the Chief Minister, I want to be, vacate the seat,” she demanded, according to eyewitnesses.

There are several allegations against the government.