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Puyallup married dating

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We were married at 2 pm, September 1, 1968 in the Puyallup, Washington Seventh-day Adventist Church. And it’s really hard to believe that 45 years have gone by.

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Neil was really good at that kind of thing, being a life-long artist.

The Puyallup church was our home church, Patty and I both having attended there, along with our parents, since we were children.

Yes – I’ll admit, we were nearly children when we married, both of us being but 18 years old.

He actually led out at the Enumclaw Seventh-day Adventist Church, but consented to come to Puyallup and perform our wedding ceremony for us.

This Sunday, September 1, 2013, will be the 45th Anniversary of the wedding of Patty Sue Daffern and Leland K. The pastor who performed the ceremony was Pastor Larry Kurtz.

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