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Quizzes for dating guys

Up at night wondering if your BF is more Aladdin or Naveen? This quiz has you covered: Your guy is really just a silly romantic who loves making you laugh and helping you achieve your dreams.

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Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It can be full of passion or it can be in the form of assurance in life. There is a way in which you may show your love to your partner. Asking Men Romance Questions The following romantic questions to ask a guy are meant for a dinner date or your after-date conversations.Most of the questions below aren't going to scare too many real men off, and if you introduce them in a playful way, you should get pretty honest answers. Do you know that the way you chat can say a lot about the person you are in life?

There is a difference between being a player and being romantic.

Do you have all the traits that can make your partner happy?

What if you get an opportunity to go on a date with a celeb you love?

What guys always notice on a date #2 SKIN How much skin are you flashing? But don’t be too certain that the equation of ‘more skin equals more attention’ always works.

Some guys would break into an uncomfortable sweat if you do a ‘Basic Instinct’! And if there’s one thing that a guy takes back as a memory from the date, it would be this one.

Do you think you know everything about your friends?