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Reviews of plenty of fish dating

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You get some enhancements: featured on "Meet Me" up on the top of the page when you meet search criteria, the ability to use themes in your profile; send free gifts in messages; see if your ads were read or deleted, and post up to 16 pictures (which we highly suggest you do not, lest you look some some narcissistic crazy person).

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My photos keep being taken down guys was saying it's nothing compared to the other pic on here. You get good choices of women but you'll find bad seeds here too who troll all dating sites in order to get their kicks out of insulting men who contact them or make a harmless joke. The first attempt to sign up was easy and then I upgraded. Lots of scammers & people that say they want to meet but never do.The POF app crashed and I was unable to log in so had to sign up again but my upgrade was not applied. I'd go as far as saying alot players & liars as well married men on here.Yes, POF can be a skanky, depressing place--the ghetto of the online dating world. Well, it does help to have the money hurdle to keep out the riff-raff. Frind should start putting in a few 9-to-5 days on his site.But we think it's also because the profile-writing requirements are so low. For our critque on a male POF profile, check this out!I never met one person on here & I deleted the pof app!

:) PS Alot of them don't even have photos of themselves. Full of scammers, STALKERS, cheats, liars and married people with mental health issues, communication and anger management issues.

You make a complain about issues with the site with logging on technical issues and your profile gets deleteted and no response from who ever that manages that site. The result being no protocol no fair process not even a warning notice. I have to be so thankful for plenty of Fish I would never have met my amazing partner without it!

Where are the moderators or the IT's that run that site?? Socialising/Networking outside of dating sites gives you a better chance of meeting genuine singles looking for relationships through contacts. I have lost plenty of contacts and messages because of the POF blatant discrimination against men. Of course the site is full of rude and scammers I'm sure all online dating sites are especially free/low cost ones! I joined POF not long ago and there are the same women on there from like 10 years ago with the same profile pictures to what they had back then.

Not surprisingly, POF has largely remained the hotbed of shirtless bathroom selfies..spelling atrocities, and baby-mommas that we recall from our days as actual card-carrying members.

True Confession: One of The Dating Gurus joined the site after her best friend's 20 year-old daughter (should have been the tip-off) lauded the free site, and urged her to try it.

He will then end by saying, “Hopefully I haven’t bored you!