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Ruining a friendship by dating

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You’re attracted to how easy and fun your platonic relationship is with that person.

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It’s cool to drop basic information about them in the hopes of your friends being able to help you navigate them, but they don’t need an entire romantic comedy script of your dates and interactions.But if they can’t tell the difference between James, Kevin, and Kyle, then you may be doing the most.That doesn’t mean stop getting to know these guys, but keep the details to a minimum.Even though they might be fed up with it all, don’t be afraid to ask for their input.Stop Oversharing If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty much an open book with your friends.It’s normal to want to spend all of your time with a new guy as you learn everything you can about him.

But some believe that their partners tear up their friendships because they’re occupying so much time.

My girls are a huge part of my life and I include them in everything.

They’re the think tank that I assemble when I have a career decision to make, an important life choice I need help with, and when I meet a cool guy and need some advice.

They’re like my guardian angels and although they aren’t around me, following me and protecting me throughout the day, when they get that 9-1-1 text, it’s all hands on deck.

We’ve carried each other through undergrad, new careers, and graduate school, but I find that my dating patterns are causing a rift in my friendships with some of them.

Make time for your girls that doesn’t include you talking about dating and relationships.