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Russian dating scam com

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She does not have children and has never been married.

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Instead, she may ask something about your work or where you live/what type of house you have, but it is also not necessary.They buy photos from photo studios, or an innocent woman may be invited for a "photo probe" and she will not even know that her photos are used in this way.Another way is downloading photos from the Internet, scanning from magazines or asking relatives/friends for their younger pictures.They are corresponding with a criminal whose sole aim is to rip them off.All is false - pictures, letters, words and feelings.Some men told me that they cannot forget the woman and will go on, getting her or breaking their hearts.

They forget the fact that in reality THEY ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WOMAN.

(As you can expect, the person from the photos has no idea what her photos are used for - would YOU give your photos to somebody knowing he is going to use it for a crime?

) So leave your talents of physiognomist to real world meetings, and accept the realities of a virtual relationship.

There is something miserable about her situation that makes you feel sorry for her (her father left them when she was a baby and her mother struggled to bring her up; her mother/child is very sick; she had to move to a strange city where she does not have friends, her parents are dead, etc).

As I said, those signs do not indicate with confidence that you are entering a scam, and not all of them will appear in a scam.

If your correspondent behaves in such a way, IT IS NOT A REAL WOMAN. There are some corresponding danger signs that you should also watch out for.