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Sallie wala pajama

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You'd think that a pajama-style top would make me want to stay in bed..that's not the case with this shirt I got a while back from J. I had been wanting a button-up blouse with a pj look (it's all in the contrast piping, you know) for a while and loved the blue and red color combo of this one so much, I knew it needed to be part of my closet.It might not be silky or done in satin (which a lot of pajama-style shirts are) but the cotton makes it really wearable and great for day-to-night styling.

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She and I are so different in many ways and I wanted to understand her.Enjoy this latest song coming from Badshah after his last hit DJ Waley Babu.Wakhra Swag Meaning: "Ki ae Gucci Armani piche roldi jawani Check kardi brand aa wale tag ni Aaja dassa tainu soniye ni fashion ki hunda Tere yaar da ta wakhra swag ni Kya hai yeh Gucci Armani Jinke piche ghumti jawani Check karte hai brands wale tag Aaja tujhe dikhata hun fashion kya hota hai Tere yaar ka toh wakhra swag (unique style) hai O kala kurta pajama 350 ae Yamaha Sardari wala chukya flag ni O jutti yaaran di ae kaim Saare kadde eh veham Panga lenda na main unjh koi najaiz ni..(2x)Kala kurta pajama, 350 cc Yamaha Uspe laga hai sardari wala flag Kaim (perfect) hai tere yaar ki juttiya Jo sab ke vaham door karti hai Aisa main kisi se bina baat ke panga nahi leta O wakhra swag ni..(6x)Tu tan jaandi rakane Sade pakke ne yaraane Jithe vi main laiya ni ne yariyan Gal dil di na kahiye Tahyo door door rahiye Thagg hundiya ne soortan pyariaan Tu toh janti hai rakane Mere pakki hai dosti Jinse bhi maine dosti ki hai Baat dil ki ni kehte Tabhi door door rehte Thug (chor/cheat) hoti hain pyari sooratein Bandi aa ghaint jatti Tu vi fashiona ne patti Chak phire Aldo da bag ni Aaja dassa tenu soniye ni fashion ki hunda Tere yaar da ta wakhra swag ni Banti hai gazab ki jatt ladki Ab tu bhi fashion mein khoyi Aldo (brand) ka bag lekar ghumti hai Aaja tujhe dikhata hun fashion kya hota hai Tere yaar ka toh wakhra swag (unique style) hai Badshah Rap: Check kar mitran da swag billo Gaddi te kurta pajama dove black billo Yeah! She tells me they are the most comfortable pj's she has ever worn. Also note: I bought the large & I am on the border between sizes 9 & 11 they are baggy, of course I like them that way.Wakhra Swag Lyrics from Badshah, Navv Inder's latest new Punjabi song with music composed by Badshah and lyrics penned by Navi Kamboz. ” said she blowing air to her nails and giving him a attitude look. She looked up and widened her eyes as she recognized him. “OMG I can’t believe this you are really here” said she excited. I have watched all your serials” said she and Sanskar just smiled. You know how cute he is” The receptionist looked at her horrified and nodded her head. “You came her just to collect it and why did you need my help for this?

Her eyes popped out as she found Shekar standing behind her folding his hands. Riya who was confused with her behavior and turned slowly. There is nothing painful in the world when your parent doesn’t understand you and your passion. “Strange man” said she and took the other envelope. “Why should I bother” said she and started analyzing the details. “Ohho the great Jagga Jasoos needs my help really” said he widening his eyes and keeping his hand on his chest.

Do you even understand what it is unpad gawar” said the waiter in low voice. And girls are dying to get married to me and you mamooli si Jasoos. She went and told something in a lady’s ear who widened her eyes hearing to it. She chuckled and walked to Sanskar who was sitting looking at the people fighting placing his hand on his head helplessly. “Your 30 seconds are gone” said he looking at his watch. “Jagga Jasoos” screamed he looking at the direction she ran and huffed as it was too late. “OMG something is seriously wrong with this Tundra” said she under her breath. Ragini who just entered home was shocked listening to him. Riya who was looking in shekar’s direction turned to Ragini’s direction and looked confused. “Yes and this time the amount will be double” said he to which her eyes widened. She had worn a designer peach color Saree with straightened hair which she had left at one side with a sleeveless blouse of golden color. She removed her goggles and waved her hand in front of him. “Waise you never dress up like this beautifully” said Sanskar lost.

“Oye that secret mission is of mine so stop bluffing. “I told them you are impotent” said she and ran from there. “Jaggu at this time if dad saw you na” said Riya; Ragini’s younger sister who was helping her to get inside the house from the window. Shekar who standing folding his hands sighed and headed to his room giving her you will never change look. *****************************************.********************************************** “I have found the girl” said Ragini over the phone to the same person who had come to her office. Drop the info at the Hotel Royal Orchid reception for the guest who is staying at the room number 206 And also collect your two envelopes” said he. She disconnected the call and started dancing as she got her next big assignment.

And she was his daughter and his senior in stubbornness. And I don’t leave any work unfinished” said she proud and he dragged her holding her elbow. I love her and if she gets married to someone I’m not gonna leave you. For you most important thing is money” said he and jerked her. She looked at him and said “Emotional fool” and walked to home. “Don’t worry I’m gonna stop this engagement today” said she in Swara’s ear who widened her eyes shocked.

And Riya her younger sister was getting crushed between the two from the time their mother Janaki left the world. ******************************************.********************************************* Next day in Swara’s engagement party Ragini and her family entered. Sanskar entered with his family as he was Swara’s distant relative.

Spying was Ragini’s passion and she was hell bent on proving herself the best spy in Punjab which was against Shekar’s wish. As she was walking home back a person stood in front of her with two three people blocking her way. She looked back at him and said “First thing he is not Gunda okay and he is my cousin so just watch your language before speaking” The word cousin gave relaxation to Sanskar.