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Salman rushdie dating history

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In 19 it was awarded the "Best of the Bookers," a distinction that made it the best novel to have won a Booker Prize for Fiction in the award's 25 and later 40-year history.

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In 1983 Rushdie was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, the UK's senior literary organisation.I simply thought I was making a statement of fellowship. His second novel, Midnight's Children (1981), won the Booker Prize in 1981 and was deemed to be "the best novel of all winners" on two separate occasions, marking the 25th and the 40th anniversary of the prize.But his grandfather's embrace of the religion was not shrouded in intolerance, something that greatly shaped the young Rushdie."You could sit there as an 11- or 12-year-old boy and say, ' Grandfather, I don't believe in god.' And he would say, ' Really? Sit down here and tell me all about it.' And there would be no kind of attempt to ram something down your throat or criticize you.There would just be conversation."In 1975 Rushdie published his first book, , proved life altering.Rushdie was strongly favoured to have received the Nobel Prize in Literature but the Nobel organisers were later quoted as saying that they would have been "too predictable, too popular."[1] He wrote in his 2012 memoir that his father adopted the name Rushdie in honour of Averroes (Ibn Rushd).

He was educated at Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai, Rugby School in Warwickshire, and King's College, University of Cambridge, where he read history.

In all he's written eleven novels, as well as a pair of children's books and published several collections of essays and works of non-fiction.

Rushdie's 12th novel, was published in September 2015.

The only son of a wealthy Indian businessman and a school teacher, Rushdie was educated at a Bombay private school before attending The Rugby School, a boarding school in Warwickshire, England. from Cambridge, Rushdie briefly lived with his family in Pakistan, where his parents had moved in 1964.

He went on to attend King's College at the University of Cambridge, where he studied history. There, he found work as a television writer but soon returned to England, where for much of the 1970s he worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency.

He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.