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Scottish farmers dating

An archaeological dig next to the Perthshire village of Dunning has revealed traces of human activity dating back 10,000 years.

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"The downside of hunt balls and race meets is they can be cliquey," Lucy says."We organise rural singles' events such as regional pub grub nights, sailing trips and an annual ball." More than 300 people, mainly in their forties and fifties, attended the Mud Lovers ball last year."People come from all over the country and there's a seating plan done by area to combat cliquiness," Lucy says."But that kind of event doesn't happen every month; it takes a lot of effort to arrange." Determined to improve the chances of fresh encounters in the countryside, Lucy Reeves, 30, from Northamptonshire, founded rural matchmaking website Muddy Matches with her sister Emma in 2007."I grew up in the countryside before moving to London and overseas."When they ask me why I'm single, I never know how to respond," she says. Here in the country people wonder what's wrong with you.

But I'd rather be on my own than with someone who isn't quite right.

Further radiocarbon dating of the dig sites showed that the pits actually dated back even further, to the late 8 millennium BC, meaning that they provide evidence of the first Mesolithic events in the lowlands of Perth and Kinross.

Dr Rebecca Jones, Head of Archaeology for Historic Environment Scotland said: These are very significant discoveries for archaeology in Scotland and even further afield, which is thanks mainly to the endeavours of the principle excavator, Dr Dene Wright, who recognised the potential of these astonishingly early settlements, which were then confirmed via radiocarbon dating.

But according to Patricia Warren, a farmer's wife from Derbyshire who runs the Country Bureau, a rural introduction agency, the country dating scene can be bleak, whatever age you are.

"Communities are small and people work long hours," she says. "I've gone to so many hunt balls this year, I've become a bit of a joke among my friends.

"Find a dating buddy; someone who is in the same situation as you," she says.