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Serena williams giving up on dating

“The best way to get them to chase you is to reject them and play hard to get at first.

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The opening lyrics read: “I remember she sit there with her thickness / Never played a game but I heard about them sisters.” After the split, Serena was rumored to have turned to Rihanna’s ex Drake, 25. But as this video shows, below, the sisters have plenty of fun together, as demonstrated during this fun night of karaoke.However, a source told TMZ that the rapper is treating the sport star with "more respect" now that they have rekindled their relationship.Williams has made no secret of her desire to settle down as she told one Twitter follower who asked if she was ready for love and children: "Desperately.That's my friend, we dated, that's been done a long time ago.She's doing super well on the tennis, she's incredible so as long as she's happy I'm good." rapper said on the Meredith Vieira Show in February 2015: "It was kinda eventually a mutual thing, but she initiated it. We've got a great understanding, and I care about her as a person.“I have given up on dating,” the 27-time grand slam champion confessed, in an exclusive interview, at the Sleep Sheets launch.

“It just hasn’t worked out well for me.” An emotional and candid Serena added, “I’m a really emotional person. I do make mistakes — like every human does — but the last relationship just was too much of a heartbreak for me. It was hard.” Due to compete in the London Olympics in 86 days, where she hopes to add to her two doubles medals in prior Games, Serena explained to Celebuzz how she is now focused on her game — and not dating.

Though Serena Williams, 33, is in the midst of the US Open, the tennis champ has been having some girl time with Kim to chat about, what else — boys!

Kim has been giving giving Serena advice on how to win over Drake’s, 28, heart, just like she did with Kanye West, 38! “Kim and Serena have known each other for a while and they decided to reconnect while in NYC. She knows what a player he is and has a good idea of what it will take to win his heart.

The pair was spotted playing tennis back in September and two months later Drake told that he “really, really loves and cares for Serena.” “She’s definitely in my life and I’m in her life,” he added. In January, Drake was spotted out with model Dollicia Bryan, leading Serena to go into a Twitter rant, reportedly about her disapproval of the two.

Who better to give love advice than Kim Kardashian, 34?

As the dating rumours continue to mount, rapper Common has shared his thoughts on showbusiness' new golden couple.