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Serj tankian dating

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I no longer straighten my hair and I accept that people identify and recognize me as black.How do you feel about the common assertion that we are all mixed race?

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The rock band has some shows scheduled for April at Inglewood, Calif.Some people I admire are Neil De Grass Tyson because he is one of the few black men that are lauded for their intelligence, Shakira because she broke a major race barrier when she crossed over to American pop music, and Serj Tankian because he sang of genocide and injustice.Do you feel you have been affected by any racial stereotypes? I’m half Asian, so it was assumed that I was smart when I was in school.I straightened my hair and actively avoided aspects of black culture for much of my young life.I began a journey of introspection that ultimately has me accepting all parts of my identity.I am half Asian and if I straighten my hair I can pass as Asian, or at least not black.

Being Asian was more accepted than being black where I grew up because Asian is ‘exotic’ while black is just ‘ghetto’.

We were comparing color to see who could be friends.

I never fit in with the black kids because I “talked white” and my white friends’ parents were not exactly accepting.

My racial identity has been a source of conflict for me in the past, though I have grown comfortable with the fact that it is ever changing.

What was your experience of school like as a mixed race girl?

"The whole "Souls" concept became a tour, and it's something that we all believe in because we're all children of survivors of the genocide.