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A Post analysis of the federal data found these 10 schools had the highest total of rape reports on their main campuses in 2014:- Brown: 43;- UConn: 43;- Dartmouth College: 42;- Wesleyan University: 37;- University of Virginia: 35;- Harvard: 33;- University of North Carolina at Charlotte: 32- Rutgers-New Brunswick: 32;- University of Vermont: 27;- Stanford: 26Another way of looking at the data is to analyze rape report totals in the context of the size of enrollment.The Post analysis found these 10 schools had the highest total of reports of rape on their main campuses per 1,000 students:- Reed College: 12.9 (reports per 1,000);- Wesleyan: 11.5;- Swarthmore College: 11.0;- Knox College: 10.0;- Williams College: 8.9;- Pomona College: 8.5;- Bowdoin College: 8.3;- Gallaudet University: 8.1;- Beloit College: 6.9- Dartmouth: 6.7Kevin Myers, a Reed spokesman, said data from the analysis were not a surprise.

I., has about 9,200 students, and UConn has about 26,500.The higher numbers worry me less than the low numbers,'' said Colby Bruno, senior legal counsel for the Victim Rights Law Center in Boston."The colleges who are looking to acknowledge the problem and address it are the ones that should be applauded.Baylor's governing board last month demoted the school's president, Kenneth Starr, and fired its football coach following an investigation that found the school had failed to respond effectively to reports of sexual assault involving football players and others."Universities need to stop trying to treat this as a PR problem, and treat it as the civil rights and public safety issue that it is," said Lisa Maatz, vice president for government relations at the American Association of University Women. There's no use putting their heads in the sand."This year, students and parents for the first time can obtain precise data on the volume of rape reports on each campus because of recent changes to federal disclosure rules.Previously, colleges were required to disclose under the federal Clery Act the number of reports of "forcible sex offenses," which cover a variety of crimes including rape.Now rape reports are broken out as a separate statistic.

It is important to note that the totals reflect only reports of rape, not the number of rape cases prosecuted through criminal courts or adjudicated through internal student disciplinary proceedings.

The others who say that they take it seriously but never do a darn thing are the ones that should be under investigation by the federal government."The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation published in June 2015 a national poll that found one in five women who attended a residential college during a four-year span said they had been sexually assaulted.

Those findings have been reinforced by surveys at several prominent research universities.

The liberal arts college in Oregon, which has about 1,400 students, has focused in recent years on ensuring that students know they can report incidents of sexual violence.

"We have made the process very transparent and as friendly as it can possibly be in that situation," Myers said.

It also found 502 schools that had zero reports of rape that year on their main campuses.