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Sex cames

I didn’t trust the men I loved—even the ones who loved me—to listen with an open mind and still be there tomorrow. These days I’m quick to pipe up and if my interests go over as well as New Coke, at least I tried. Nope, sex can make things sticky emotionally and you can’t always know that in advance.

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It would have at least given me another vantage point from which to see the world.I’d certainly go back and teach myself about money (“You know your impeccable credit? But I’d probably have a lot more advice to give my younger self about sex…and a few dozen TED talks about love.It’s peccable,”) and work (“Take this ‘Harry Potter’ book, retype it and send it to some agents. Here are a few bits of hard-won wisdom I wouldn’t mind shouting out to my past self.1. You know that scene in where prehistoric climate change causes the dinosaurs to get horribly stuck in glue-like mud that used to be water?It would have been nice to have a trusted human source of information, not just about the mechanics but exactly what about it is so great it makes everyone nuts.If I could have brought someone back in my time-traveling phone booth it would have been someone like Al Vernacchio, who teaches the elective Sexuality and Society course at a private Quaker high school in Philadelphia.People can sometimes mistake strength and brains for a certain type of invulnerability, and sometimes it’s easy to try to keep up that persona.

No one is so worldly they don’t need to feel loved, or so smart they don’t make bonehead moves in pursuit of that need. No, this isn’t the “I shoulda been a gold digger,” chapter, but having money goes a long way to help with every aspect of life and that includes love and sex.

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which gave the world many things including a young Keanu Reeves.

It also had something I find myself wishing I had more and more now that I’m older (besides Keanu Reeves): Bill & Ted could take their time-traveling phone booth back to the past to give themselves advice for the future.

According to author Susan Kuchinskas, estrogen increases the effects of oxytocin and testosterone blunts it, hence women often becoming more attached to men after sex. Also, it’s good to know that bad people can be gotten out of your system. If I could go back, I’d keep myself to a two-drink maximum if I wasn’t sure of a person.6. When I was a kid in the 1970s, the word “orgasm” was suddenly hot in the media. She said “I don’t know.” She might have been trying to dodge an awkward question, but for all I know she was telling the truth.