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Sex chat and dating in kolkata by linked in

For a while it seemed as if the dating sites were the ideal platform for them. It's a poser that's been troubling dating sites, too.Sites such as trulymadly,, matchmecupid and i Bluebottle are gathering eyeballs and log-ins, but they realise that many women clients are not happy.

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"Most guys on dating apps want to 'hook up' or 'date without an agenda'," Saboo holds.The second problem, women say, is the attitude of many of the men on the sites."Some guys question me on why I am still single at 31," says Mandira (name changed), a BTech and MBA graduate who works as a business planner for a telecom major in Chennai.Just what does a woman in search of a life partner do?Not in favour of the old system of arranged marriages, many of them have also discarded matrimonial websites as just an online form of the old classified ads.For instance, the college they have graduated from should be on the list of colleges on the site, and you have to be from a certain income bracket, depending on your age. The ultimate aim of our members is to marry," stresses Sharma of i Bluebottle.

Footloosenomore - with the tagline "we speak, not swipe"- does not allow you to post your profile until you have been interviewed on the phone and attended one of its meetings in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune or Bangalore.

"We do not want to encourage people who want to sleep around," Kapoor says. Users specify what they are looking for, and the site looks for other users with similar likes and dislikes - finding just the right partner for a road trip zealot, for instance, or an SRK lover.

Before you can access its selective database, you need to tick options such as whether you are "serious" or "semi-serious" or "pretty serious" about a relationship.

But the biggest problem is the thought of being paired up with a "creep".

Married men lurk as bachelors in a bid to bed unsuspecting women.

The sites don't want to be known as dating platforms, or as matrimonial sites, which they say are often controlled by parents, and deal with outdated concepts such as castes, sub-castes and skin colour.