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Sex chat eavesdrop

I found someone who I had a great time with, how do I contact her again?Some services have extension numbers to the girls, so if you had a good time, don’t hang up straight away, say thankyou, and ask them if they have an extension number, this will take you straight through to her next time if she is available.

Due to the astonishing amount of dodgy sites that offer a second rate service.On average feedback tells us that many people are very satisfied with a 5 - 10 minute call.Read the section on getting the most out of your call What about mobile phone calls?You can listen to our girls telling you stories about their dirty fantasies and the naughty things they get up to. (Calls cost 36p per minute plus network extras) Shaved silky smooth - 09 Lesbian Lust - 09 Suck my Feet - 09 Kelly's first vibe - 09 Saddle me up - 09 Horny Housewife - 09 Pure sex sounds - 09 Eavesdrop on a call - 09 Lesbian orgasms - 09 3 girl orgasm - 09 Two men - one woman fantasy - 09 Horny Housewife - 09 Water Sport - pee on the rocks - 09 Double Penetration - 09 Black oral fantastic - 09 Calls to 0909 numbers cost 36p per minute plus network extras. If you would like to speak with one of girls (live) you can select to do so from the call.If you need any help using our service or would like to opt out of marketing, please call our customer services on 01. One of the biggest governing bodies that deals with the premium rate industry is ICSTIS and they can be contacted to report any dodgy services. Many other sites offering phone sex services have poor customer relations and don't offer any way for a customer to contact them.

We have nothing to hide, we offer a professional service and you will find our contact details listed on our Contact Details page where will be happy to answer any quieries you might have.

Many people strike up a very good relationship with many of our guys and girls.

All our services are governed by ICSTIS who are the governing body of all premium rate services. Customer Careline: 02 Recorded Services Calls cost (61p) per minute plus Access Charge'. Datapro Services Ltd, Customer Careline: 02 Text Chat Text chat costs £1.50 per message received plus your standard network rate.

Remember you're in charge of the call (unless you're on our domination lines where, quite frankly, you'll do as you're told! No, definetly not from us, the industry is very heavily regulated now and even so, we wouldn't even consider upsetting a customer with a second rate service.

) so direct the call how you want it to go, our girls are very good at judging moods and can adapt quickly to please you the way you want. Beware of some sites offering ridiculously cheap alteratives such as the so called '20p' a minute services, you'll be left feeling more than slightly annoyed.

We have around 5 years in the premium rate business.