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The case of Haleigh Poutre has involved one stunning turn after another. Haleigh pointed to five letters on her board: H-O-L-L-IThe answer was unexpected, but that, perhaps, should have come as no surprise.

Back in Massachusetts, Haleigh jumped into the arms of her adored Aunt Holli.She opened up a family day-care center, which quickly became popular with local families.In her state license application, Holli specified to her discipline methods.“Time out only if behavior doesn’t change after many warnings,” she wrote.These days, Haleigh remains in the Brighton rehabilitation center, probably unaware of the swirl of legal activity that is focused on her diminished life.A criminal trial is set to begin this fall in Springfield.But beyond all the public action there is this: The private, haunting story of a young girl, Haleigh, and her aunt, Holli, a relationship that began in love and ended in mystery, with one of them dead and the other nearly so.

Theirs was an intimate, complicated bond that no doctor, no social worker, no investigator has ever come close to understanding.- - -Haleigh and her Aunt Holli came from a large family in Western Massachusetts dominated by Holli’s warm but tough grandmother, Constance Young.

Allison, 22 and single, had joined her boyfriend, Jason Valles, on an extended visit to Virginia.

Allison had brought Haleigh along, but word got back to her relatives that Allison had gotten involved with drugs and alcohol, and that Haleigh’s care was suffering because of it.

When Young’s teenage daughter, Sandra, gave birth on May 28, 1972, to a girl named Holli, Young worried.

She didn’t approve of the baby’s father and was convinced Sandra wasn’t up to caring for a newborn.

Holli contacted the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, which subsequently contacted Virginia’s child protection agency.