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By the time their testing came to an end, Mc Dougall and the Rhines had concluded that the Lady was indeed a Wonder.The following year, the Rhines wrote a paper describing their tests for the journal "Abnormal and Social Psychology." They concluded that "There is left only the telepathic explanation, the transference of mental influence by an unknown process.

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(As a bonus, visitors were also greeted by the sight of Claudia's piano-playing Pomeranian, Pudgy.The investigation into his disappearance was stymied.Figuring there was nothing to lose by the effort, someone asked Lady if she knew where the child could be found.A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course, that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Nothing unusual was noted about Lady Wonder until one day, it struck Mrs. Our story opens in 1924, when a Richmond, Virginia woman named Claudia Fonda bought a two-week-old filly she called Lady Wonder. Fonda bottle-fed the filly, and, before long, came to think of the animal almost as her own child.Nothing was discovered that failed to accord with it, and no other hypothesis seems tenable in view of the results." Another psychologist, Thomas L.

Garrett, made his own study of the horse and concluded that there was "no trickery involved." There were, of course, many who disagreed with this analysis.

There is no conscious trickery here, I am convinced. She followed her beloved horse into the grave two years later.

One of the liveliest women journalists ever produced in Wales, Hafina Clwyd wrote perceptively and sometimes provocatively in both Welsh and English, often focusing on personalities making the news but sometimes on topics nearer her heart such as broadcasting, the press and cultural matters.

Unfortunately, Lady was less accurate in the case Gary Hayman, a nine-year-old who vanished from his school in Providence, Rhode Island.

When the boy's mother asked the horse about her son, Lady communicated that the boy was in Kansas, "hurt," but still alive. Rhine wrote "Mesopotamia, Hindustan, and Carolina" on a piece of paper.

Therefore it offered no problem for me to detect....