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These derivations have been researched from a wide variety of sources, which are referenced at the end of this section.These reference sources contain thousands more cliches, expressions, origins and meanings.

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Incidentally (apparently) the term Wilhelm Scream was coined by Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt, so-called because it was used for the character Private Wilhelm in a 1953 film The Charge at Yellow River.If you have corrections or further details about the words, cliches, expressions origins and derivations on this page, please send them.If you are trying to find origins or derivations for words, expressions, phrases, clichés, etc., that are not listed here, then please use the research sources suggested below before you contact me.I'm not able to answer all such enquiries personally although selected ones will be published on this page.The derivations quiz demonstrates that word and expressions origins can be used easily in quizzes, to teach about language, and also to emphasise the significance of cultural diversity in language and communications development.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh clearly has a touch more desperation than Aaarrgh.

The use of Aaaaargh is definitely increasing in the 21st century compared to the 20th, and in different ways.

Argh (the shortest version) is an exclamation, of various sorts, usually ironic or humorous (in this sense usually written and rarely verbal).

More dramatically Aaaaaaaaaargh would be a written scream.

AAAAAARRRRGH (capitals tends to increase the volume..) is therefore a very flexible and somewhat instinctual expression: many who write it in emails and blogs would not easily be able to articulate its exact meaning, and certainly it is difficult to interpret a precise meaning for an individual case without seeing the particular exchange and what prompted the Aaargh response.

That said, broadly speaking, we can infer the degree of emotion from the length of the version used.

There are very few words which can be spelled in so many different ways, and it's oddly appropriate that any of the longer variants will inevitably be the very first entry in any dictionary.