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Berg served two years on the Council but lost a bid for re-election.

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“The biggest issue we face is the lack of trust and values in our current legislators.Traffic is “the number one quality-of-life issue in our area.” More quality jobs and affordable housing.Healthcare services for seniors to allow them to “age in place.” Protect the environment.Chair of the Asian Pacific Studies Program, Hawaii Pacific University Political Experience: Ewa Neighborhood Board; former candidate for state House; community and recycling advocate Work experience: Co-founder of Kokua Renewable Energy; Vice Chair of Sierra Club Oahu.Key issue facing your district: Secure a second high school to alleviate school overcrowding in Ewa.27th Symposium, 2016, Abstracts 26th Annual Symposium, 2015, Abstracts 25th Annual Symposium, 2014 24th Annual Symposium, 2013, Abstracts 23rd Annual Symposium, 2012, Abstracts 22nd Annual Symposium, 2011, Abstracts 21st Annual Symposium, 2010, Abstracts 20th Annual Symposium, 2009, Abstracts 19th Annual Symposium, 2008, Abstracts 18th Annual Symposium, 2007, Abstracts 17th Annual Symposium, 2006, Abstracts 16th Annual Symposium, 2005, Abstracts 15th Annual Symposium, 2004, Abstracts 14th Annual Symposium, 2002, Abstracts 13th Annual Symposium, 2001, Abstracts 12th Annual Symposium, 2000, Abstracts 11th Annual Symposium, 1999, Abstracts 10th Annual Symposium, 1998, Abstracts 9th Annual Symposium, 1997, Abstracts 8th Annual Symposium, 1996, Abstracts 7th Annual Symposium, 1995, Abstracts 6th Annual Symposium, 1994, Presentations 5th Annual Symposium, 1993, Presentations 4th Annual Symposium, 1992, Presentations 3rd Annual Symposium, 1991, Presentations 2nd Annual Symposium, 1990, Presentations 1st Annual Symposium, 1989, Presentations 27th Symposium, 2016, February 13-14, 2016 ABSTRACTS (In order of presentation) PLANES, BOATS AND MULE TRAINS: THE UNITED NATIONS RELIEF AND REHABILITATION ADMINISTRATION IN HONOULU, 1946-1947 Gwen Sinclair, Head of Government Documents and Maps, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa Library [Presentation Summary] The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) operated an office in Honolulu following World War II to purchase surplus from the armed services and distribute it to war-torn countries in Europe and Asia.

Archival research has revealed the wide variety of surplus items and their sometimes-surprising destinations.

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In the community, they don’t feel like their voice is being heard, especially when (lawmakers) push through legislation that people are not in favor of.” Why should voters consider you over your opponent: “We are polar opposites on many issues.

The reason I think people should vote for me is my potential to best address the values they have.” Age: 40 Occupation: Associate professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Hawaii Pacific University.

Controversies that arose concerning UNRRA’s role in surplus disposal will also be discussed.