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They ride on a four wheeler, I think it is called, and she has a hot pink helmet.The first stop is going to a grain bin, where she says that people go to tell their secrets.

They end up spending $3423, and Nick says, “I’m red with anxiety right now, and you don’t even flinch.” She says to the interviewer, “I know how to treat a man.” She does have some self-aware humor, though, so that’s a positive. The Bachelor season 21 standout Raven Gates' ex-boyfriend Hunter Henry has been a frequent subject of discussion this season, and now he is sharing his side of the story exclusively with Us Weekly.During Gates and Nick Viall's fantasy-suite date on the Monday, February 27, episode, she told the Bachelor that she has never said "I love you" to a man or had an orgasm.Nick talks to Raven’s dad, and asks for her hand in marriage if they end up together at the end.Dad says that he didn’t expect to like Nick, but he does, and he would be happy if they ended up together.The 25-year-old boutique owner is one of Viall's final three ladies, along with Vanessa Grimaldi and Rachel Lindsay.

Last month, ABC announced that Lindsay will be the season 13 Bachelorette.

We start with Nick telling the girls how much love he has for Kristina but he likes them more, which is why he dumped her.

He “offers” the other girls roses, insisting that they have the right to refuse them, which they are less likely to do than to get their doctorates in physics.

Nick says he is enjoying himself, and he says that he has never felt closer to Rachel than he does in this moment, so maybe I’m wrong and this has only solidified their connection.

Seems like he really enjoys thinking of himself as openminded, so this makes him feel even more so.

Women always get canned after they don’t say I love you on the hometowns.