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Note: This Monthly SERVER statistics report contains mostly server statistics for last month (various summaries, reports, and only the most visited top level directories).To get a full, alphabetical listing of all HSweb directories with more than 10 hits, check out the Monthly Directory Report.

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The doomsday plane has a radiation-protected shell, 67 antennae and satellite dishes, plus a bunch of other hi-tech gear.Unlike Air Force One, which acts as the President's regular means of long-distance transport, the plane is specifically designed to run the government and the military from the air in the event of nuclear war.The equipment on board is so powerful a specially upgraded air conditioning system is required to keep the electronics cool enough to work efficiently - and a specially trained team of tech-whizzes stay on board to man the devices.The doomsday plane can reportedly withstand a nuclear bomb, asteroid blasts and terror attacks while staying airborne for days without refuelling.In fact, the doomsday plane can remain aloft for a week with mid air-refuelling.In our study, the effects of low, non-freezing temperature on morphological, physiological, and ultrastructural traits of leaves in Rehd. The results showed that 4 °C temperature caused a chilling stress, and females suffered from greater negative effects than did males.

At the early growth stage of development, chilling (4 °C) significantly inhibited plant growth, decreased net photosynthesis rate ( contents, and ascorbate peroxidase (APX) activity in both sexes, whereas peroxidase (POD) and glutathione reductase (GR) activities decreased and thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (TBARS) content increased only in females.

People travelling on board can communicate with anyone on the ground and even nuclear submarines can be reached underwater when a five-mile long cable is extended out of the back of the plane for reception.'The secretary also has his own small security staff that does similar things.

So these guys are predominately designed to protect our airplane, and the secretary's staff protects him, as an individual.''If the command centres that are on the ground in the United States have a failure of some sort, or attack, we immediately get airborne.

Under chilling stress, males showed higher and soluble sugar contents, and higher superoxide dismutase (SOD), POD, and GR activities than did females.

In addition, males exhibited a better chloroplast structure and more intact plasma membranes than did females under chilling stress.

But while Air Force One is your everyday, garden variety kind of presidential flying office, the doomsday plane is built and equipped to keep the US government running in the event of a nuclear war or other disaster.