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In other words, it’s not that men just see sex because they are more sexually oriented, but rather that their perceptions are overall less accurate compared to women’s. The idea is that the more flirtatious behaviors you engage in, the more likely the other person is to know that you are interested.It is how you get the attractive stranger across the room to look your way or how you let your new date know that you want something more than just friendship.When trying to attract a mate, one suggestion might be to be clearer in your flirtatious signaling. Research relating to mating strategies of nonhuman species describes mating rituals with consistent patterns of behavior over a period of time. Courtship signaling and adolescents: “Girls just wanna have fun”? While the first few attempts might not be received, consistency and persistence go far in communicating your needs, especially with something as complex as attraction. We want the same thing: Projection in judgments of sexual intent. A warm smile, lingering eye contact, a touch on the arm – these flirtatious behaviors (also known as courtship behaviors) go far in letting someone know that you are attracted to them.

Researchers have spent much time categorizing these numerous behaviors, which include head tossing, eyebrow lifting, lip licking, and back caressing, just to name a few (Moore, 1995).

In fact, studies show that the more you engage in mutual behavior patterns, the more interested you are in that other person (Grammer, Kruck, & Magnusson, 1998).

With courtship behaviors, one school of thought is that more is better, or at least clearer.

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Flirting can show someone that you are interested in that person; however, it’s certainly not the only reason to flirt. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 33, 975-988.