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Strapping her ankles he smiled at the sight of her tight ass spread ever so slightly by the bar’s width and her bent over position.Smiling still he walked over to the bed where he had set up his…

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Retrieving the needle he held it up for her to see. It will make you horny beyond belief, not that you aren't close now, and will drive you insane unable to get release until I inject the antidote into you.Our accounting outsourcing service is accurate, dependable and flexible enough to stay aligned to your preferences.Hallmarks of our BPO service – Efficient communication, meeting deadlines and a friendly service .15 minutes later a knock was heard at his hotel door and he went to it and looked through the peep-hole. She'd recently graduated from the army academy and was here to see him for the first time since she entered it.Opening the door he welcomed her in and closed it behind her. Her light brown skin covered in goose bumps from the cool air inside the room.Knowing the rules the slave immediately stripped naked save for the collar she wore and waited with her head bowed. As usual her ass was perked up and seemed to be begging to have a lash taken to it; her A-cup breasts perky and the nipples hard as ice both from her arousal and the cold; her cunt was drooling down her legs, apparently she'd been craving this for a while. She knew her master would punish her before he pleased her.

She had after-all, joined the army without either asking or telling him what she was going to do.

devices of fun and found the very, very special belt he’d brought with him.

It was coated in a special mixture that if he broke skin on her firm ass would make every wound burn like hell itself was lighting her ass on fire.

I understand that it’s hard to go through Air Force training and keep in touch but you should have managed anyways you dirty slut.

Now, because you failed to keep me informed of how you were doing and in fact you failed to give me a way to be there at your graduation itself you will be punished.

You will count the number of lashes out like so ‘One, Thank You Master.