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Shia and a blonde extra dating

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A gaunt aspect and certain 'Cruella De Ville' sharpness to the chin defines the similarity here.

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Post-Oscar Connolly isn't doing TV right now, so no intriguing30 year-old Brit TV presenter/actor/singer James has the same tousled blond hair, compressed eyelids and roughly-hewn, lopsided jawline as the intense and unpredictable heart-throb Pitt.and after security kicked them both out, the man tore off his shirt and unleashed the fury all over Shia's face.Moments after the attack, Shia tries to chase after the guy -- but someone who appears to be his friend holds him back, telling him, "You gotta lay low right now!Stand-up comedian and actress Behar smiles her way into Midler's fizzog, but even in repose and without any parity of style or hair-colour, it's an amazing resemblance.There are only two years between Behar and one-time Hollywood certainty confusing (let's not talk about what made it bad) was the use of such a striking lookalike for Portman as Knightley.

Under the make-up, it's just impossible to say who's who - and it's still a notable resemblance.

His marriages included face-alikes Ursula Andress, Linda Evans and Bo Derek.

I bet he always ordered the same thing at the Chinese too.

Shia La Beouf was repeatedly PUNCHED IN THE HEAD by a shirtless, hairy-bellied man on a Vancouver sidewalk last week -- and TMZ has obtained footage of the brutal ass whooping.

It's unclear exactly what provoked the attack -- but we're told Shia originally got into it with the man inside a bar called Cinema Public House ...

Apparently, this was the same outfit she had on when she was photographed with Nick and Amber Rose at nightclub at the Borgata in Atlantic City Saturday night where Nick was DJing.