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Today, the club is one of the largest lifestyle provider in Singapore.

This gives everyone including children an opportunity to gain greater insight about famous works of art otherwise only available through expensive and exclusive museum exhibits.”Ms Renee Tan, Assistant Vice President, Media Corp Viz Pro International Pte Ltd added, “We are always on the look out for exhibitions such as Alive Gallery, which has a unique combination of information and education.Hyun-Seung Nam, Chief Executive Officer and Developer of Alive Gallery Inc., Mr. will be in town to oversee the set up.“To our members and the general public, Downtown East has always been the key entity for leisure, entertainment and community engagement activities.Through Quebec Leisure, our wholly owned subsidiary, NTUC Club hopes to bring in more high quality, large-scale events and exhibitions to Downtown East, providing our members with world-class events at very affordable pricing.” mentioned Mr.Titled ‘The World of Gods’, visitors can experience the grandeur of 3-Dimensional, scale reproductions of magnificent statues such as Apollo, Nike, Venus and Hermes.If the Renaissance period is preferred, visitors can venture into ‘The World Viewed through Science’ section where they will be treated to ‘live’ artworks by great Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti.Visitors can watch fish swimming in a pond and ancient Egyptians coming alive from ‘The Book of the Dead’ generated by special video techniques to combine visitor’s visions and fantasies.

The second section sees a world transported to the time of Roman and Greek Gods.

Golden Melody has collaborated first time ever with Instagram(@GMA) and Facebook(@金曲GMA).

The event gathered more than 3000 votes within 90 minutes on its social media platforms.

We are confident that this exhibition will provide experiential elements that will engage tens of thousands of people.”Five sections make up this exhibit and each contains unique artworks reminiscent of their time period.

The first section entitled ‘Ancient Arts’ draws a world of primitive art.

There are other exciting sections that make up the exhibition including two others, ‘Pictures are Recording’ and ‘Thinking Art’ where visitors can experience works by 19th century artists, Jean Francois Millet, Claude Monet as well as modern contemporary artists, Vincent van Gogh and Wassily Kandinsky, just to name a few.