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Simon baker and robin tunney dating

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We got a chance to talk with Heller, along with stars Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon).They dished on everything from season seven spoilers to the type of relationship we will see from Jane and Lisbon to favorite memories working together.

Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Simon Baker, 47, and his partner had split up.And we can tell you this: These three clearly enjoy each other’s company.Throughout the interview they laughed a lot and joked back and forth.That, to a degree, makes the romance harder for both characters to negotiate because they’re not fiery, passionate, crazy people.They’re people who need to work their way towards seeing how this will play out in the future.So the bar was really low for what people might expect. I was so worried that I wasn’t going to seem like an officer of the law if I smiled. Heller: One of the things we’re trying to do this season is both give you kind of classic “Mentalist” episodes – old-school puzzles, old-school Jane being as clever as he always was – but also expanding the landscape somewhat. There’s a bit of a love triangle going on there [with her and Cho]. There’s a lot of character development with Abbott. So I think we get to know a lot of who these people are and it’s interesting because there isn’t this sort of ominous presence of Red John. It’s really unusual and I know we’re putting it to bed in a proper way. And the fans are really attached to these characters. I’m just really happy that we get to have a real ending. It’s a testament to what these guys have done and the characters they’ve created that they still have a life. And it’s been a great joy to watch these two support each other and back each other up and never turn on each other and always be there for each other.

I wanted to be taken seriously: ‘I’m supposed to be authoritative.’ And then I think you sort of feel a lot freer. (Heller never mentioned the third member of the love triangle, but after watching the first few episodes of season seven, we assume it’s Wylie.) Tunney: Cho’s relationship with Vega is really interesting because he’s sort of a mentor to her. You get to satiate the characters and yourself that there is a solid ending to the story. These are still living, breathing characters that people are interested in and want to keep looking at. Tunney: We have a whole season where we know we’re not going to have to follow it up. She called me ahead of time and asked if I mind if she watched. Heller: It’s tough after all these years to round out a show and make a final statement. You are not often given that chance in network TV to really tell the whole story and finish it where you would like to finish it.

How do you give up that career if that’s the way you want to go? Heller: These two are never going to be “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” because that’s not who they are.

Or how do you combine love and work in this particularly intense form of work? Both Jane and Lisbon are private, self-contained, protective people.

Baker: I think it’s relatively organic and natural and quite easy. Heller: When these two characters first came together, Baker and Tunney were strangers, so the relationship was very much between two strangers who were in a transactional relationship, however intense.

We’re not exploring the sort of obvious side of having a relationship in a workplace, but more the pitfalls and speed bumps that you’ll come up against when you know someone so well and then you decide to have a relationship with them. And I think because I’ve spent so much of the last seven years looking into Robin Tunney’s lovely green eyes, we’re comfortable with each other in a way that is somewhat intimate. I remember season one, we had a press conference and Bruno, Simon and I all swore up and down there is no way these two would ever be together romantically. But as years go by, genuine love develops [between the actors], genuine friendship, genuine understanding.

It’s basically been Simon and I in most of the scenes. We’ve never had more than five regulars and that’s not a lot of people. Those things aren’t governed by, ‘Is the story finished? ’ It’s generally, ‘We’ve got a hole that we’d like to fill with something.’ The last thing they consider is the story. We hope everyone likes the final season because we made it with love and respect for those fans that have been supporting us all these years. Tonya Papanikolas is an online, print and broadcast journalist who loves covering entertainment and television.