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Sparky dating facebook

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Sparky - a free dating app that connects a like-minded community of dog lovers in a fun, flirty and wholesome way. Finally, a new way to meet local men and women nearby to chat, flirt, meet, socialize and network without the 100's of questions, or some dubious "match" percentage. Find friends, chat with local singles, go on a doggy date, discover a new romance, or even a life-long partner. Just bring your pooch along because happiness is better shared.

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As the thunder light shines into Foop's bedroom the dog turned back round and jumped out of his skin as he saw Foop was already awake.Then the dog pulled the curtains open and let the morning clouds wake his master and mistress up.Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda blinked as the moon light shone upon them."Morning Anti-Wanda, morning Anti-Sparky," Anti-Cosmo said.And just solving small tasks for other creatures was a good way to start his emotions up.A beautiful wolf lady offered Anti-Sparky to practice how it is to mate with a magical dog or even how to kiss, but Anti-Sparky shook his head, he wanted to go this relationship with Sparky slow and steady.After the blue dog calmed down he walked around the Anti-Fairy wood forest and finished his 'jobs' at various trees. Solving conflicts between them and helping them around the place.

He wanted his heart to start feeling a sort of passion whiles he was on his 'date' with Sparky.

Anti-Sparky bowed down to his master: "Morning my lord and lady, sorry but I have to get the food for the young lord as well."Anti-Wanda smiled and petted their dog: "No problem Anti-Sparky, see you in a bit."Anti-Sparky bowed down to the two before walking with Foop's breakfast of to his bedroom.

There he placed it onto a night stand next to Foops 4 poster bed.

If everything works according to the plan, you will become the most attractive dog ever.

Once you and Sparky have your first litter of pups then you will bring them to me and father.

Plus he was a bit scared that the wolf's alpha could be watching them and was waiting to kill Anti-Sparky.